Grunge City

Grunge City is a current series of paintings based on interesting places in Portland and Seattle, particularly South of Jackson Street. I began in 2011 to replicate images based on real places that captured my interest.The series is an extension of work previously made from 2007-2009 and are also perhaps an evolution from the viaduct series executed in 1998-2002. This newer series of paintings reveal my growth as a painter, which has been an intermittent passion between kiln firings and sculpture. I find a certain solace painting especially in the winter when the weather calls one indoors. The clay often being too cold, and the outside being a little too wet makes one yearn for a sweater, a hot cup, and a warm bowl. With a paint brush in hand and plenty of patience, a picture will emerge that delights the senses. I look for interesting places and buildings with some wear. These places reveal the fragility of time, and are a reflection of the now. In the future, if these paintings survive, they may become a snapshot into our past.

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