Unicorn Skulls and the Pegasusunicorngiraffe

One day while walking by

a glint in the sky caught my eye

I looked up and saw flying past

a pegasus unicorn giraffe

It's wings soared above the trees

and it's fluttering shook the leaves

it flew into a cloud and dove fast

this pegasus unicorn giraffe

Then it landed nearby

it was a sight I couldn't deny

and i tried real hard not to laugh

at the pegasus unicorn giraffe


the pegasus-unicorn-gira-affe


a pegasus-unicorn-giraf-af-af-af

These unicorn skulls are built using coils. Coils are strings of clay that can be used to built complex shapes. By adding such a small amount of clay at a time, you can easily control whatever you are building. You can also prevent cracks, like the one seen in the image above by using a little slip between each coil.

I also use coils to build larger free-standing sculptures. This is a pegasus unicorn giraffe, or pegiracorn built with earthenware. I glazed it with majolica glaze and rutile spots. It and another spent a few months at SEATAC airport during NCECA

Since it is difficult to make all skulls exactly alike, I like to imagine that the unicorn evolved over time, much like horses. Therefore, I can assign names to delineate their specie.

I enjoy the challenge of making complex sculptures. Making any skull can be difficult. I usually use images of horse skulls to help me along, but sometimes I get carried into imaginary traits.

There it stood upon the ground and there it did not make a sound I did not think that this vision would last of the pegasusunicorn giraffe* I shook my head and closed my eyes I even reached down to pinch my thigh I blinked and blinked but standing by was the pegasusunicorn giraffe So I yelled with all my might " what strange creature has entered my sight?" but the beast did not respond it just leaped into the air---and flew on It was a pegasus-unicorn giraffe pegasus-unicorn-gira-affe pegasus-unicorn-giraffe pegasus-unicorn-gira-affe-affe-af-af *note: The pegasusunicorngiraffe or pegiracorn as it is otherwise known lives near Mount Olympus in the rain forest.It can occasionally be seen flying across the sky at dawn and dusk. It has also been spotted near Sequim down at "the Spit" but usually likes to avoid crowds of people.

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