Shadow Boxer

Sometimes we fight against things we don't understand. The world is broad, and there are all sorts of forces battling for control over our attention, our values, and our time. We may think we know the enemy, but our targets are often misguided by external forces using media and propaganda to hide their own crimes. They wear masks.

Then there is the struggle within, our constant battle with emotion and truth while trying to find our place and our reason to exist. This is often overlooked though it may determine the course of our lives. It helps to have a sense of humor.

These sculptures are from my "Shadow Boxer" series that I created specifically for display at All City Coffee in Georgetown. This show will be up in October and stay up through November. In this case the work is loosely centered around the shadow box concept, which uses the interplay of positive and negative shapes to create a tableau or arrangement of objects. Within these works are boxes based upon animal behavior, introspection, social commentary, collections, landscapes, and mythological creatures.

Shadow Boxer, white earthenware with red ellensburg slip(bricks), red iron oxide, commercial red & black underglazes, clear gloss glaze, and alligator raku glaze

The Aviary, Vashon white clay with white transparent glaze

Quackers, originally going to be called "Quacker Box" the box never actually materialized because not all of my ducks were in a row.

The Unicorn, Vashon white clay, with glazes fired to cone 5. The unicorn stands as a symbol for defiance and freedom.

Pottery Talk, glazed Vashon White Clay, melted sea glass in teeth, and mini pinch pots. A self portrait of sorts. I enjoy learning about early American potters.

Self Portrait, slab constructed white earthenware, with underglaze and clear gloss glaze.

Elephant Sideshow, red and white earthenware, low fire gloss glazes.

Mohave Dan's Cantina , white earthenware with various glass glazes, stains, and under glazes

Mask Collection Glazed white earthenware 2013

Masks, this is the replacement piece I did. The idea is that we all wear masks. Whether it is our makeup, our the way we present ourselves to others, or even how we see ourselves. I'm not lion.

Monster Masks, Then there are the monsters, the masks we wear when we are frightened. The things we dread and fear.

Sheds. Better than being in the doghouse.

Owl Box , white earthenware, with various stains and under glazes plus a clear gloss. Owls symbolize day into night....night into day.... dark into light...light into dark...secrets hidden...secrets revealed.

Sunshine storage unit, slab built white earthenware with various gloss glazes. Here in Seattle, sometimeswe just need a little sunshine.

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