Pasco Paintings

Last Fall, I drove down to Pasco, Washington. Pasco is where my father's family lives, and it is situated near the confluence of three major rivers: the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima. It is also downwind of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, and surrounded by many agricultural fields. I've always been intrigued with the old downtown core, a mix of shady businesses, warehouses, Mexican tiendas, and places for rent. I went out early on a Sunday morning, taking photos and exploring vacant lots until later that evening. These paintings are from the photos I took on that trip. Pasco and the Columbia Basin has magnificent skies on clear days, which is great for painting and photography.

Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge Watercolor, Gouache on watercolor ground cotton rag board. This bridge crosses the Columbia River and joins Pasco to Kennewick. This bridge and others like it helped drive the regional development of the Tri Cities.

At One time Depot Lunch was the longest continually operating tavern in the state. Sadly it no longer exists, it was torn down many years ago, as was the old Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, across the street. The white building on the left sits next to the former depot lunch site.

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