New Wooden Owls

Here are my latest hand carved wooden owls. I made them from reclaimed wood using various carving tools and painted them with acrylics. They are finished in a thin coat of wood wax (not shown) Tomorrow I will take these up to Edison, WA.

This owl had a sideways view

This is the largest of the bunch.

This one has eyes like a barn owl. The design of the owl is inspired by European, Northwest Native American, and Oaxaca design motifs.

These wooden owls look afraid of the sander....

I paint acrylic in light washes so that it stains the surface of the wood, then I go back over them in thicker paint to add details.

Here are the owls while being carved. I draw what I want to do in charcoal. I use hatchets and chisels to shape the pieces. Recently I switched t a rubber mallet, because the wooden one tears up the handles of the chisels. I'm self taught at woodcarving so sometimes I learn through trial and error.

Owl in progress with flannel and clog selfie. Some of the chisels once belonged to my great grandfather Frank Swanberg SR., a Tacoma carpenter.

Various pieces of wood that I have collected for carving. The ones on the left are "whittle" owls

Here I have placed them outside , before applying the beeswax wood oil coating. It will darken the surface of the wood and protect it from splitting. The smaller carved owl on the left is decorated using a torch burning process.

#artist #owlsculpture #Seattlewoodcarving #woodcarving #woodenowls

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