Oh ! Deer!

I decided to make some deer for the holidays this year. The deer are pinched and pulled from stoneware clay at my house on Beacon Hill. I bisque fire them at Alki Beach. I glazed them with paprika, Ohata Kaki, and tenmouku glazes and fired them to cone 10 at the Kirkland Arts Center. Each deer is unique and is stylized in a general way to look deer-like. None are meant to represent a particular deer species.

Paprika glazed with tenmouku glaze on horns and black underglaze on face and hooves

Ohata Kaki glaze with Tenmouku over


Mixed herd

Other attempts to make deer have been made, but this is the first time I've made a herd of 3 or more. It is always a challenge to make them, especially the horns. This is the first batch of ten. I have twenty more on the way to being fired. Special thanks to Pat Collyar, Wayne Pennington, and the KAC gas firing squad.

#AaronMurrayart #ceramicanimals #animalsculpture #claysculpture #artcriticism #deer #deersculpture #Seattleceramics

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